Secretariat for Catechesis

The main purpose of the Secretariat for Catechesis is to oversee and assist in the effective implementation of the Religious Education curriculum in schools and catechetical programmes in the parishes. The Secretariat for Catechesis provides a variety of courses and resources for the formation and ongoing education of catechists and religious education teachers.


The Archbishop, Mgr. Michael Gonzi, to implement the decisions of Vatican Council II on the catechetical instruction of adults and young people, in January 1967 gave national status to the Catechetical Commission which through the initiative of a number of priests had been for some years striving to organize catechesis in the diocese.

By a decree of the 11th May 1988, to implement the decisions of the Pastoral Plan 1986-1991, the Catechetical Commission became the Secretariat for the Proclamation of the Word and Catechesis; the decree also established the aims and the structure of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat became the Secretariat for Catechesis when the Archbishop gave new directives on the structure of the Secretariat.

Staff at the Secretariat for Catechesis

Rev. Dr Carl-Mario Sultana
Delegat tal-Arċisqof għall-Katekeżi u t-Tagħlim tar-Reliġjon
Tel: 22039409




Fr David Torpiano




Fr David Torpiano
Tel: 22039401




Mariosa Micallef

Ms Mariosa Micallef
Kordinatriċi tal-Katekeżi għat-Tfal u Adolexxenti
Kordinatriċi tal-Formazzjoni tal-Katekisti
Segretarjat Uffiċċju tal-Edukazzjoni Reliġjuża fl-Iskejjel
Tel: 22039401


Marica Beck


Ms Marica Beck
Tel: 22039400


Albert Mercieca


Mr Albert V. Mercieca
Tel: 22039406


James Pizzuto


Mr James Pizzuto
Tel: 22039403